Every member and contributor at Free Women Writers is a volunteer. This means we could use a helping hand. You can support our work by sharing our voices, volunteering, and/or writing for us.


You can help elevate our voice by hosting a speaker or an event. We believe in the power of communities to bring change. Invite a Free Women Writers speaker to your school, university, organization, community center, book club, or conference to discuss gender-equality and progress in Afghanistan and around the world. We’ve already had speakers at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, NAFSA (The Association of International Educators), and American Association of University Women as well as dozens of universities and high schools. Contact us at to discuss details.

You can also join our online community of readers and supporters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We want you to help amplify our voices and stories through your social media platforms, websites and blogs. All the material on this website and the social media platforms of Free Women Writers are for public use with attribution. We simply request that you give credit to the website and the authors of specific pieces.

Another important way to support our work is to share our books with your friends and family. Our Persian books, Daughters of Rabia and You Are Not Alone, are available for free. Daughters of Rabia is an anthology of Afghan women’s writings in defense of their rights. You Are Not Alone is a guide for Afghan women facing violence. Stay tuned about our upcoming book in English!


Lend us your expertise.

  • Do you know Afghanistan-specific languages? Help us translate and edit the hundreds of pieces of poetry, narratives, and stories we’ve received from Afghan women.
  • Are you a skilled web-designer? Help us improve our website.
  • Do you know of resources that could strengthen the work of our writers and contributors? Share them with us.
  • Do you have other ideas that could improve our work? Please let us know.


Afghans in Afghanistan and the diaspora can submit writings about social justice and gender equality in Afghanistan’s languages and English to Free Women Writers. We reserve the right to edit pieces submitted to us. We also have the right to translate your piece into English or one of the other languages we publish in to reach a wider audience. Writers have the right to request the removal of their piece(s) from our outlets due to security concerns at any given time. Please contact us via Email and allow 24 hours for the removal of the piece. Writers can publish pieces under pseudonyms if concerned about privacy or security.

To submit a piece, send us an E-mail at Due to the high number of entries, we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.