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Zahra WZ

There isn’t always a man behind a successful woman.

Sometimes there is her strong spirit,
That promised to break all barriers
And never give up.

Sometimes behind a successful woman,
Stands a role model,
A fighter, another brave woman,
A woman whose words are a poem of hope
And her glance is filled with courage.

Sometimes behind a successful woman,
There is a mother
Who has never been appreciated,
A mother who dedicated her life to educating her children
And raising brave women.

Sometimes behind a successful woman there is a hero,
A sister who stood tall
And fought with the brutality of this world,
Someone whose heart was torn apart,
But she didn’t break.

Sometimes behind a successful woman is herself,
She stood up for herself with all her might
And never waited for a man
To be an excuse for her success.

Photo Courtesy of Rada Akbar.

Read this poem in Persian here.

Zahra Wakilzada

Zahra Wakilzada

A member of Free Women Writers, Zahra is a sophomore in high school who loves writing and poetry. Zahra cares deeply about girls’ education and empowerment. In her spare time, she helps her younger sisters, Sahar and Sana, with their studies.
Zahra Wakilzada

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