Who stands behind a successful woman?

Zahra WZ

There isn’t always a man behind a successful woman.

Sometimes there is her strong spirit,
That promised to break all barriers
And never give up.

Sometimes behind a successful woman,
Stands a role model,
A fighter, another brave woman,
A woman whose words are a poem of hope
And her glance is filled with courage.

Sometimes behind a successful woman,
There is a mother
Who has never been appreciated,
A mother who dedicated her life to educating her children
And raising brave women.

Sometimes behind a successful woman there is a hero,
A sister who stood tall
And fought with the brutality of this world,
Someone whose heart was torn apart,
But she didn’t break.

Sometimes behind a successful woman is herself,
She stood up for herself with all her might
And never waited for a man
To be an excuse for her success.

Photo Courtesy of Rada Akbar.

Read this poem in Persian here.

Zahra Wakilzada

Zahra Wakilzada

A member of Free Women Writers, Zahra is a sophomore in high school and an aspiring writer and poet.
Zahra Wakilzada

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