October 24, 2017 FWW Admin 0Comment

By Pashtana Durrani

Every day I rise,
To make the impossible possible,
I wake up to bring a change,
I will not give up,
Not now, not ever.

I am Zahra who will speak up,
I am Farkhunda who was murdered for no reason,
But I will not give up, not yet.

I am Malala who was shot for asking for her right,
I am Shekiba who makes me believe my voice matters,
I am Fareshta and Roya who will empower their sisters in fraternity,
I am Noorjahan who will write for my rights,
I am Samira who will advocate for my rights,
I am Zakia who will empower every little girl to be the future leader.

To the girls who dream,
To the girls who fight back,
To women who came before us like Sima Wali
And raised their voices made their voices heard,
To the Nazo, Zarghona and Rabia of the future.

“To the strong women,
May we know them,
May we be them,
and May we raise them.”

This first appeared on Medium.