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Written by Wadia Samadi

I wake up every morning scheming my escape
But what about my children?
Who will believe me?
Who will give me a home?
Years go by And I am still waiting
When will this end?

My makeup does not cover my bruised face
My smile does not hide my haggard visage
Yet, no one comes to help
They say: it will get better
They say: don’t talk about it
They say: this was my fate
They say: a woman must tolerate
Don’t air your dirty laundry, they say.
When will this end?

Once again, he drags my body to the floor
He chokes me and I beg him not to kill me
Once again, he demands my silence
Once again, he tells me I don’t deserve to live

I have had enough
I will not be silent
I will live
I will find freedom
This will end today.

Read this poem in Persian here.

Wadia Samadi

Wadia Samadi

Wadia Samadi is a Free Women Writers member with a BA in Economics from the University of Richmond in Virginia. She is the Editor-in-Chief for, Afghanistan's first business news portal. Samadi loves covering stories of Afghan women and occasionally freelances for international news agencies. She is also working for a non-profit in Washington, D.C.
Wadia Samadi

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