Free Women Writers is a collective of volunteer writers and activists in Afghanistan and the diaspora dedicated to defending gender equality and justice.

Aisha Azimi
Aisha Azimi is pursuing her BA in Communications in Washington, DC. A member of Free Women Writers and Partnerships Director for the Love Your Natural Self foundation, Aisha is dedicated to helping girls gain the confidence and resources they need to reach their dreams.
Amina Azarm Nezami
Amina Azarm Nezami recently finished high school in Balkh. In the future, she hope to contribute to improving access to quality education in Afghanistan. Amina is passionate about women’s liberation through awareness and consciousness raising. In her spare time, she plays chess and football.
Frozan Sarwary
Frozan Sarwary is a student of law in Kabul, a member of Free Women Writers, and a mother of two beautiful girls. Frozan is passionate about fighting gender-based violence and building a safer world for her daughters.
Hadisa Osmani
Hadisa Osmani is a student of medicine in Balkh. She is passionate about women's health and wants to contribute to decreasing maternal mortality rates. Hadisa enjoys reading novels and writing and she is a member of Free Women Writers.
Maryam Laly
A member of Free Women Writers collective, Maryam Laly is passionate about human rights issues. She has a degree in Government with minors in Peace Studies and Arabic from St. Lawrence University. She hopes to contribute in building a better and safer Afghanistan through her writing and advocacy.
Marzia Nawrozi
Marzia Nawrozi is a Free Women Writers member and fearless advocate for gender equality. When she is not making good trouble, Marzia pursues her MA in Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University.
Noorjahan Akbar
Noorjahan Akbar is the founder of Free Women Writers. She loves reading and writing and like most Afghans, she is addicted to green tea.
Pary Shuaib
Pary Shuaib is a Free Women Writers member with a relentless passion for gender equality. She has a BA in Communication from George Mason University and sometimes does yoga to soothe her soul.
Rawina Saberzada
Rawina Saberzada is finishing up high school in Balkh and hopes to become a dentist one day. When she is not studying or writing for Free Women Writers, she enjoys watching movies and riding her bike.
Roya Saberzada
Roya Saberzada is pursuing her Bachelors in Political Science. She has been painting and writing for more than four years. She enjoys reading novels and studying philosophy. Her hope is to contribute to positive change in Afghanistan, even if it is in a small way.
Shabana Stanekzai
Shabana Stanekzai has a degree in science from Kabul. She had always dreamed of studying literature, but war and instability prevented her from pursuing her passion in school. Today, in addition to being a member of Free Women Writers, she writes poetry and short stories and works at a non-profit in Afghanistan. Her source of happiness and energy is her adorable two-year old son and baby daughter.
Zahra Wakilzada
A member of Free Women Writers, Zahra is a sophomore in high school who loves writing and poetry. Zahra cares deeply about girls’ education and empowerment. In her spare time, she helps her younger sisters, Sahar and Sana, with their studies.
Rohina Sediqui
Rohina Sediqui is a primary school teacher in Kabul and a dedicated member of Free Women Writers. She loves working with the little seedlings of Afghanistan's future and helping and watching them grow. Rohina enjoys reading, traveling and meeting people from other cultures and firmly believes in "being the change you wish to see in the world." She has a Bachelors of Science in Biology from University of Richmond, VA.
Wadia Samadi
Wadia Samadi is a Free Women Writers member with a BA in Economics from the University of Richmond in Virginia. She is the Editor-in-Chief for, Afghanistan's first business news portal. Samadi loves covering stories of Afghan women and occasionally freelances for international news agencies. She is also working for a non-profit in Washington, D.C.